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Public Accommodation Follow-Up: Executive Director of Plaintiff Group Resigns.

(Photo: CC0 Public Domain)

According to an article in the Phoenix Business Journal (link here), Jennifer Rogers, the Executive Director of Advocates for Individuals with Disabilities, has resigned. You'll recall from my posting yesterday this is the group filing hundreds of public accommodation lawsuits in Arizona, putting itself in the cross-hairs of the Arizona Attorney General's Office which is now seeking to intervene in at least one of the lawsuits as an apparent abuse of the legal system. Ms. Rogers' statement (see article) of course makes no mention of the group starting to come under pressure from the Attorney General's Office. Notably, the article also links to a separate article (link here) discussing the group's lawyer, Peter Strojnik, his apparent difficulties with the Arizona State Bar, and providing a sample of one of his demand letters sent out in these disability accommodation lawsuits. We will continue to monitor this as there will certainly be more news to come on this matter.