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Arizona Attorney General Seek to Intervene In Disability Public Accommodation Lawsuits Filed by Advo

(Photo: CC0 Public Domain)

ABC News reported today that the Arizona Attorney General's office is seeking to intervene in at least one lawsuit filed against Arizona businesses by the group Advocates for Individuals With Disabilities. The group has flooded the Arizona courts with (according to the article) close to 1,500 lawsuits against Arizona businesses claiming failure to comply with disability public accommodation requirements. (A link to the ABC news article is here). From the article and the Attorney General's motion seeking to intervene (also posted on the ABC news website) the group seeks to use the lawsuits to improperly force businesses into quick settlements to enrich the advocacy group, something which is cheaper than the businesses fighting the legitimacy of the lawsuits. It appears the Arizona Attorney General's Office is intervening to try and shut down what it views as an abuse of the legal system. We will continue to monitor this as there will certainly be more news to come on this matter.